DRESSAGE ponies for sale

Post your dressage ponies for sale or dressage ponies needed. Please remember a “dressage” pony should be ready to do a good training level test minimum. There are many wonderful ponies especially for young children who would not be called Dressage Ponies. Be certain to include where the pony is located and contact information. A price range would also help.

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  1. Where are you located? Asking price?

  2. I tried to look at more info on FB link but nothing came up. Can you email pics and video?

  3. Jean,
    My 3rd level GRP is currently a licensed stallion, however, he can easily be gelded and already has a superb temperament as a stallion. He is 8 years old, 14hh, black. See http://www.germanridingpony.com for more info

  4. I have a 15 year old 14.1 h Welsh Pony Cross for sale. Silver Lining ‘Chase’ is a great first dressage pony. He is experienced in dressage and has shown all over New England at training level with his young rider. They earned many scores above 70% with top scores of 74.64% at training level. They earned a bronze in their division this summer at D4K as well as 3rd place in Prix Crapilli, where Chase also participated in the leadline class. Chase is schooling all of first level and was previously shown as a hunter so he has clean flying changes and jumps a 2’6″ course. Chase travels well, and is super to work with in the barn. He was NEDA year end champion Jr/YR at training level with a 74%. Located in Connecticut, asking 15k.


    • Was he born in 1998 or 2000? What is his temper ment -bomb proof? Has he done any trails?

      • Jennifer Chin

        He was born in 1999. Chase is completely safe but he is not a bombproof pony. He will ‘look’ at a lot of things but this pays off well in competition because the energy gives him an edge. We showed all over New England this year and he never put down a wrong foot. He also did the lead line class at D4K. He is not dangerous by any means but he can intimidate an inexperienced rider

    We have a 15yr pony stallion for sale. He is 148 cm. He is very nice to ride and has archived a lot of good results in Denmark and Norway. He is also accepted as a breeding stallion. Always in a good mood and loves to work hard. Travels well.
    Price is reduced a lot, because of the sellers motivation. Asking price is now 49.000 USD.
    Pony is located 10 minutes from Billund Airport in Denmark.
    Link to more information and video: http://www.eurodressage.com/equestrian/2014/11/15/fei-dressage-pony-sale-elmholts-neptun

  6. I have a 14.2 gelding, very flashy with chrome, ideal for the FEI pony division. He has very solid 2nd level with scores into the 70’s and many wins in the national open division. He has his changes confirmed and is debuting at third this month. This guy will easily go PSG (and soon!) and has the potential to go all the way. Fantastic suspension but easy to sit, push button laterals. He has never been ridden by a total beginner, but has been used in a school for your average training level amateur rider. Located near Toronto, just a couple hours from the border or 30 mins from the airport. Take advantage of our exchange rate – 30k CAD (about 24 usd). We are negotiable to the right home.

    • Hi Meagan, I am outside of Buffalo!
      Do you have a video of your pony? I have a lovely, soft, 11yr. old rider who is in need of a large pony.
      Paula Cahill

      • Hi Paula;

        I have a 14.2 hand black German Riding Pony stallion who is so well trained and laid back he can easily ride in the ring with mares. He lives right next to one of my mares in my barn and I have never had any kind of problem with him. His name is Napollo and he was imported from
        Germany about ten years ago. He is currently 16 years old and in fantastic shape, does all 4th level work and more. He has one time tempi changes and has a fantastic canter half pass, a gorgeous extended trot; I really can’t say enough god things about Napollo. He bonds strongly to his person. He needs a competent rider who understands how to ride on the bit, or in contact; he has a very sensitive mouth so he needs soft hands. His prior owner paid 60 thousand when she imported him from Germany. I however bought him for a much lower price and am asking between 10 and 15k to the right home..
        Napollo can be gelded but because he has no stallion behaviors there is really no reason to do it.
        If you type “Napollo, German Riding Pony,” into your Google search box you should be able to find a video of him on youtube.
        My email is laurenslater37@gmail.com. This is the best way to get in touch with me. I live in Massachusetts/

        All Best
        Lauren Slater

    • Jordan Lockwood

      Hello Meagan,
      Is your pony still for sale? if so, do you have a video?

      Thank you,
      Jordan Lockwood

    • What is his age?

    • Hi Meagan, Do you have videos? How old is he? Jean

    • Hello Meagan How old is Harley? Can my trainer call you? Jean

    • Has he been measured recently, because the 6’1″ rider doesn’t look that tall on him. I am only 5’1″ and want a pony.
      Thank you

  7. Hello Everyone,
    I am a sixty-two year old lady searching for a dressage pony. I am a decent rider, but, because of my age, I am searching for a quiet, mature partner that can do lower level dressage and go on trail rides, alone sometimes. I can’t ride every day, so my guy will have to be okay with that and not crazy if a few days go by without being ridden. I am looking for a gelding, so even if you have an amazing mare, I am only considering geldings. I also want a darker color, so no grays, or palominos, please. Most important, is the pony’s temperament, experience, and willingness. I have references from my vet, farrier, and equine dentist as to how I care for my horses, so sellers can rest assured, that if your pony chooses me, he will have a great home with lots of care and attention. I live in coastal Virginia, but willing to travel. I have been searching a very long time for my one and only. Maybe Valentines Day will bring him to me. $15,000 is my ceiling. As I am not always the most computer literate, please contact me at: hh-farm@hotmail.com. Thanks very much.

  8. I am looking for a dressage pony/small horse for a client. Must have a very comfortable trot to sit due to the fact that my client is older and has knee issues and posting is hard. Age, breeding, gender, color doesn’t matter. Something that has a good brain would be best but even a little spoke is okay. Nothing that has a buck, rear, bolt. Looking for something at least 2nd level, or starting to school 2nd level with potential to go further is best. Contact Katie for more info, thank you in advance!!

    • Hi Katie,

      I have a potential dressage horse for your client. She is 13 yrs old, 14.3 hds, Registered Morgan. Rides both English and western, Was champion western dressage and top score winning horse across both classical dressage and western dressage at an open Dressage competition in Mass in 2013. She has been ridden western as her trot is so smooth it is easy to sit to. She is also a confident trail horse & has been ridden by both seniors and junior exhibitors easily. You can reach me for more information on her at Menomin@earthlink.net.


    • Katie,

      I have a beautiful Morgan mare that fit the description of what you are looking for. At her first open show she scored a 71% with an 8 on gaits. She isn’t quite second level but certainly had the potential. She is so quite even my 8 year old daughter rides her. You can see her on: morganshowcase.com or call me at
      401-580-2295. My name is Kelly

    • Katie,

      Sorry I forgot to tell you…..
      That mare is on morganshowcase.com and you need to
      search by name: By Golly.
      Thank you,

    • Hi Katie,
      We have a pony for sale- he is only being worked once/week right now due to the winter. He has progressed since the video that is listed on his ad. Please let me know if you are interested.

      Archie is a 16 year old 13.3 hand Welsh/Quarter Horse pony. He is built like a warmblood, so he would be a good size for a petite adult or a child. Archie has been shown extensively at hunt seat shows (including jumping), and has consistently placed in the Champion/Reserve champion awards. Archie was started in dressage in 2013 and is working on collection, counter canter, and shoulder in. He has mastered 1st level movements, and has a great lengthening. Archie is a natural at dressage, as he moves more like a horse than a pony. He would make a talented Pony Club/event pony. Archie is up to date on shots, and has good stable manners. He is very cute! Price has been lowered to $3900 asking price for quick sale. Video is at http://youtu.be/JatajOmDQzs

    • Flashy 2004, 14.1 3/4h, grey AHA registered mare. No spook, sane and sound. Schooling 2nd Level. Would be great horse for AA/JR looking to show in dressage and to participate in the USDF Rider Performance Awards. Loves to go out on trail rides. Smooth and uncomplicated. Easy lateral work, counter canter, simple changes, flying changes. She has done shows in hunter/jumper, working equitation, eventing, and dressage. Jumps well.
      Shown through First Level with scores in the high 60s and musical freestyle. Schooling 2nd level. This horse is fully trained and ready to take into the show ring. More information on her Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/VvashtiArabianHorse

    • I have a client with a pony that is showing first level and schooling second level. He has a great long and low trot, free walk, shoulder-in, haunches-in, beautiful fluid gaits and a huge extended trot. He is safe enough for beginners and has been shown by 5 and 7 year old children. He has nearly 5 months professional training. He is ridden by a rider 5′ 1″ easily but only stands 12H. I’m not sure how tall your client is but he is priced well below others with his skill level and they are asking $5,500. feel free to inquire for more information.

  9. I’m in Florida looking for a large pony. As a retired schoolteacher, looking for my next dressage mount. Will board at a professional dressage barn for the season. Will take a dressage pony to compete the levels with professional help. Needs to be safe and uncomplicated with a confirmed flying change

    • I think I have exactly what you are looking for in Ocala, Fl. GRP showing third level and schooling fourth. Safe, easy, and FANCY! hluing@windstream.net

    • Hi there, if you are traveling to look, I just posted a pony to your description. I just listed him on my website but have not added photos or video yet. It is available by email.

    • Flashy 2004, 14.1 3/4h, grey AHA registered mare. No spook, sane and sound. Schooling 2nd Level. Would be great horse for AA/JR looking to show in dressage and to participate in the USDF Rider Performance Awards. Loves to go out on trail rides. Smooth and uncomplicated. Easy lateral work, counter canter, simple changes, flying changes. She has done shows in hunter/jumper, working equitation, eventing, and dressage. Jumps well.
      Shown through First Level with scores in the high 60s and musical freestyle. This horse is fully trained and ready to take into the show ring. More information on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/VvashtiArabianHorse

  10. Hi Everyone,
    I am an adult amateur rider who even though I am quite tall (5′ 7″) – the smaller horses have more appeal to me. At this time, I am trying to research the dressage pony/smaller horse market. Even though I have ridden for quite a while (20 years) I am looking for a horse to relax with and do dressage (more the schoolmaster type), my busy job limits riding to 2-3 times a week. I am in the Chicago area but know I will need to travel. Budget is $20K, unfortunately I have to re-home my current horse (14 hand Lipizzan gelding who has huge gaits but requires more frequent work) first but that process has been started. E-mail me: mayfair05@hotmail for any potential matches or insight.

    • Did you find a horse?

      • Update on Pony status :-)
        The re-homing process of my current pony, I found out, needs a boost! So the 14 hand Lipizzan gelding mentioned above is available – lovely gaits, very sound, barefoot, 11 years old. He is a project as we are only at W/T/C and schooling lateral work but not confirmed. Needs a sensitive, but also firm training atmosphere (definitely the Lipizzan personality). Could be a great match for a skilled junior rider who has a limited budget and access to a good teacher. Current video and full set of X-rays from 3 years ago available. Contact me at mayfair05@hotmail.com.

        I do have some potential prospects for my next pony in mind but haven’t seriously looked due to above so if you know of any that may be a good fit, please send info on them as well. Thank you!!!

  11. We have a gorgeous Canadian sport pony mare for sale. Sticks at 14.1 7/8. Lovely on trails. Competed dressage schooling shows at training. Has also shown as an event horse. She is very easy and fancy. Fun to ride. Motivated to sell. Currently located in Jacksonville Florida. Asking $3500 for a fast uncomplicated sale. Totally sound and passes vetting. Has ability to carry her rider far. 636-357-7255. Photos available.

  12. Archie is a 16 year old 13.3 hand Archie is a 16 year old 13.3 hand Welsh/Quarter Horse pony. He is built like a warmblood, so he would be a good size for a petite adult or a child. Archie has been shown extensively at hunt seat shows (including jumping), and has consistently placed in the Champion/Reserve champion awards. He easily clears 2’6”, and would do well at rated A shows. Archie was started in dressage in 2013 and is working on collection, counter canter, and shoulder in. He has mastered 1st level movements, and has a great lengthening. Archie is a natural at dressage, as he moves more like a horse than a pony. He would make a talented Pony Club/event pony. Archie is up to date on shots, and has good stable manners. He is very cute! Price has been lowered for quick sale. Video is at http://youtu.be/JatajOmDQzs

  13. Hi Carol – Yes! Rummy is still for sale or lease (perferably a lease only in South FL). He is quiet and very forgiving under saddle. He is a Welsh/TB cross and was licensed RPSI as a stallion but I gelded him a few years ago. He is currently located in Loxahatchee, FL.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Kmpetyo@yahoo.com

  14. This horse will knock your socks off! Galahad is a wonderful, talented, safe, impressive Warmblood Sport Pony with the BEST character! This exceptional mover is willing, honest, light in the bridle and FUN to ride!!! “Gally” is schooling second and third level movements and he has been competed by a young rider, earning a 68% (the judges totally adored him)! Gally also loves to hack and is happy alone or with others (and doesn’t mind being in the front or the back). Nothing bothers this guy, he has a lot of confidence. Galahad is very laid back and easy to have around the barn. He has no vices, he has had zero soundness issues, and his feet are so strong that he does all of this barefoot! Whether you are looking for a top FEI Pony, or you are looking for a safe “sports-car” to learn from and enjoy, you have to come meet this incredible boy. He has three uphill, expressive gaits, a wonderful mind, all of the talent in the world, and it is all in a compact package! Gally takes up a lot of rider’s leg and body- the rider in the pics and video is 5’9″! Galahad is a Hanoverian x Welsh and is located in Southern VT. Gally is priced at $29,500 to the perfect home.

  15. For Sale:
    13.1h, bombproof (really), 18yr. old pinto pony.
    Completely child safe. A beautiful mover with scores in the high 60’s and low 70’s at Training level 3. Schooling First Level at home. He also is an incomparable Hunter Pony! Reserve Champion at the Royal Winter Expo in Toronto, Canada with a BIG step and flawless flying changes. Outgrown by his owner, despite her best efforts, he should now go to another child whose confidence he can build. Great on the trails too!!
    This is the guy you want to carry your child into the show ring!!!
    Asking $25,000.
    Please call 716-601-4708

  16. Hi, I have a friend who is selling a flashy, talented, and safe pony.

    14.1 hands, Black, Mare, 8 years old.
    Located: WV/VA Boarder
    Asking: $10,000

    Shown Recognized and Schooling dressage shows- at Training Level, always in the ribbons with scores in the mid 60s. Schooling first level at home. Well traveled, easy keeper, UTD on everything. Owner has too many horses and is too big for Halle.

    Contact me for videos and more information: Katie.Haugh88@gmail.com

  17. Hi there,

    I have an 8 yr old, 14.2 h Connemara gelding who has nice gaits, a super personality, and is very quiet. He has had limited show experience due to my own busy schedule. He is schooling 1/2 level. He has a great work ethic.
    He is located in Dudley MA. I’ve had him since he was 18 months so a good home is most important. He is only for sale due to my very busy schedule.

  18. Petite, experienced adult rider looking for a suitable pony (13.2 or larger) for dressage up to ~3rd level. Must have a great brain, 3 good gaits, and be happy to hack out alone. My budget is not large but I offer excellent care, proper training and lots of love. Would live on my farm with 5 other horses in Harvard, MA; walk-in/walk-out stall, all-day turnout.

    • Hi Vicki;

      I live in Harvard MA too and am offering for sale my 14.2 hand Welsh/Dutchwarmblood cross, named Auryn. Auryn is five years old and has three superb gaits with a canter as smooth as silk. He is highly tractable and learns very fast. He is the kind of horse with the talent to move up the levels; he has a lot of “try” in him and is very safe and sane. Send me your phone number if you want to talk. Right now Auryn is in training with Rachel Markells Webber at Sherrifmuir Farm.


      Lauren Slater

      • Vicki Roussel

        Hi Lauren,
        I live next door! If you don’t mind, I will walk over some day and watch him go while Rachel is riding.


    • I have a lovely 13.1 1/2 hand, 10 year old welsh cob type, dark bay mare for sale. Excellent over fences reserve 2′ division champion at open show this summer ridden by 14 year old girl. Competing 2′-2’3 and training 2’6. Shown this past weekend at Dressage Provincial Show competing in Training level 1-3. Scores ranged low 60’s placing her everywhere from 2nd to 5th in the 6 open classes. Asking $5500 canadian. My daughter has sadly outgrown and needs to move on!

    • That is so neat, that you live next door. Can you send me your email so we can correspond off this site. Rachel rides him at different times each day, I think. You can also, of course, talk to Rachel about him. During the time he has been in training with her she has become very fond of him. I know she thinks he is a great pony. I asked her once how she would rate his movement and she said that he has lovely movement and, most importantly, three great gaits. This I know to be true. I have never ridden a horse as smooth as he is. However, because he is only five and not yet fully developed (the warmblood in him means he will continue to grow until at least next April, when he turns six, and maybe until he is seven), Rachel says we should not do a lot of sitting trot on him because he is not fully muscled up. When he does develop real strong musculature he will be absolutely breathtaking. Rachel adores him as does the rest of the barn staff. He is a very sweet boy!

    • We have a 5 yr old dressage pony, showing First Level and schooling 2/3rd movements. You can see her here at the link below

    • Hey ! I have got a very good and nice Dressagepony for sale . He is 6 years old , gelding and 1,48 cm . He is ready for the FEI class . If you want to have more information about Mogly send us a email :) Greetings Nele

    • Hi Vicki, I might have a pony that would be suitable. Please email me at xanadustable@bellsouth.net

    • Have you found a dressage pony?


    • I have a 14 hand pony that is very fancy. He is 12 years old. Has competed in dressage and got in the 70s. He is going to be competing in ma this weekend. If you are interested in more information my email is christine21488@gmail.com

    • With his lovely flying changes and long stride, our pony may be perfect for you. We are in Western NY.
      His rider in the photos is 5’3.http://www.equine.com/horses-for-sale/horse-ad-3502371.html

    • I have a very nice dressage Haflinger mare. 14.1 and 1/2hh (has USEF Pony Measurement card). Was my daughter’s horse for 5 years, but is now for sale as she has lost interest in riding. Age 11. Shown in September 2014 at Training 3 Open with 66.4% and 74.8% scores in her 2 tests at a USDF/USEF recognized show. She is in professional training and schooling lateral movements (shoulder-in, haunches-in, leg yield and half pass are coming along very nicely) and counter canter. She was silver rated at her Haflinger inspection and given a score of 9 on movement. She is sensitive and forward thinking, but is well behaved in new environments. Great work ethic, also. Currently priced at $10,000. Please call Beth Sorensen at 817-312-6100 if she is of interest to you.

  19. Lovely registered Morgan mare a champion training level western dressage last year, also goes Classical English. she is child & beginner safe, currently giving a petite 8 yr old rider riding lessons.
    This lovely mare is offered at $9000. email for pictures & more information: menomin@earthlink.net

    • I have a 6 year old 13.2h Section C Welsh Cob for sale. He is out of a lovely Sec B mare by the stallion, North Forks Brenin Cardi. Chestnut with chrome, forward, but not spooky. People pleasing personality, very easy to work with and he is showing so much potential with just a minimum of riding. He has 3 lovely gaits, and would make a beautiful dressage pony with the right trainer/rider. I am asking $5000 for him at this point. With more training his price will increase quickly. This is a home bred pony, and we are looking for a special home and future for him. He will be showing Intro C and Training 1 at a schooling show the end of the month, and I will have video of that. If you would like to see training video and photos of him, please email me.

  20. Hi Carol,

    Yes, Rummy is still for sale. He is an 11 yr old Welsh/TB cross. He is registered with the Welsh Cob Society. Another other questions or if you would like to see pictures, please feel free to contact me at kmpetyo@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  21. Jill DiGregorio

    My email is j.jilldigregorio@verizon.net. Do you have videos and pictures that I could look at? Thanks very much! Jill

  22. Fabulous mover, 9yr old welsh/Hanoverian large pony for sale. Many years of showing hunters but we have been told he would make an awesome dressage pony. Very well broke and light to the aids, good lateral work, goes in a snaffle and can easily be ridden by children

  23. Beautiful 4 yr old 14.1h Palomino sport pony for sale. Currently doing some dressage and started over fences. Very flashy, great on trails, nice mover and ready for the show ring!
    Call or text 941-626-6787 for additional information or pictures. $10,000

  24. Yes he is Lauren, I tried calling on the first number you gave me.

  25. Helen Donnell

    My pony’s dressage and trail saddles were stolen Friday from our locked tack room. 17″ Verhan Odyssey II dressage saddle, wide tree and short panels, black, deep seat, big blocks. 17″ Arabian Saddle Company Solstice a/p English saddle, brown buffalo leather, puffy knee pads, wool serge panels, wide tree. Stolen from central Florida, but by now they could be anywhere on the east coast. Please keep an eye out for me, if spotted call Lake County FL sheriff or email me on PinkFlamingoFarm@gmail.com. Thanks!

  26. Lavender – Dartmoor pony for off farm lease in Maryland. See below. Email for more info. Pmirons@atlanticbb.net

  27. For Sale:
    Horse Canyon Rocket- “Rocky”
    2001 13.3h Registered Welsh Gelding
    Barefoot, Easy Keeper

    Started lightly mostly trail ridden until May 2010 when the current owners got him. In the last four years Rocky has helped his now 14yr old rider through her D3 pony club rating, he trail rides, is a trail course rock star! Crosses rivers and has schooled cross country to Novice Level. This April he also qualified at Training Level Dressage to represent the NW Region Pony Club at the 2014 National Pony Club championships in Kentucky- he will go if not sold yet!
    Rocky is VERY athletic and jumped with awesome form! He is insecure however and the jumping just seemed too stressful for him so would prefer that he go to a home that will focus on dressage. Rocky’s insecurities do carry over to his flatwork as well- h can be a little spooky but never dangerous. he will suck back and shy away from what is making him nervous. Keeping him in front of the leg and on the aids completely minimizes this! For a lot of reasons Rocky would be a great beginner pony but for this reason he would do best with a more intermediate rider or one in a consistent training program.
    Rocky is currently in full training and schooling all 2nd level movements plus some half pass, working pirouettes and I have played around with the changes. The plan is to show Rocky in recognized dressage competitions this summer until he is sold- he will make a great FEI pony prospect for someone!

  28. For Sale: Spencer 14.2 H, 10 year old, bay pinto, TB/Paint cross. He is an eye catcher with the look and movement of the German Riding Pony, the mind of a Quarter Horse and the sensitivity and energy of a Thoroughbred. He is solid 2nd level, schooling 3rd and ready to do the FEI Dressage Pony test. He is easy to sit and light to the aids, He is uncomplicated with easy lateral work, counter canter and canter to walk transitions. Spencer is good with children and amateurs. $15,000 Check out videos and pictures on Warmblood-sales.com Located in Knoxville TN 865-932-1294 joniabney@comcast.net

  29. Laurel is a beautiful German Riding Pony mare. 7 years old, black, 14.1hh and registered Weser-Ems. She is competing at recognized shows at Training level with scores over 70%. Show pony deluxe. Schooling first and very sweet. She also has training over fences. She is an all around dream pony. $18,000 located in Fl. Video and pics available. In pro training. hluing@windstream.net

    Toblerone (Toby) 10 year old 14.0 1/8 hand, Welsh/TB, gelding out of Stone Croft’s Welsh Spring Cloud AOC. Pony carded, FEI passport.
    Successfully competed through 2nd level and FEI Pony division. Qualified for USEF Festival of Champions 2014.
    2012 Lendon Gray’s Youth Dressage Festival Training Level Champion. 2013 LYDF First level 4th place Second level 3rd place. 2013 Third Place out of 27, Jr/YR First Level Regional Championships with 67.5%.
    Has competed successfully in Wellington,FL. Schooling 3rd level.
    Loads,trailers,clips,stands,bathes no problem.
    PM for video link.Additional pictures by request.
    Priced under $35K. Located in Lafayette, NJ
    CMcConnell_dressage@aol.com or 845-222-3083
    USDF- 1098857 Toblerone
    174433 Caroline

  31. A former student who is no longer riding want to sell lease her very sound 14.1 big bodied pony whom she showed successfully at Fourth Level 2. he is 15 (I think). It is the pony that she started with as a beginner child and they came up the levels together. Also jumps well.
    Contact owner 203 623-9123

    • I have a 12 hand pony, 6 years old, chestnut with flaxen mane/ tail. This pony has gotten recent compliments on his beautiful conformation, long legs, and talent for lateral work! His lateral work is so easy that even children can do it on him, light off the leg and weight, light in the mouth, on the aids, not lazy. Supple and straight. Will relax back and ride on the bit working over topline with steady contact. Good extended walk, 4 beat collected walk, rhythmic trot, baroque-type canter and LOVES to jump. Will go FEI with more training. This pony is very correct. Absolutely no drama, always EAGER to learn something new, he is a rare gem!!! He is a good match for a competitive child rider who wants to take him up the levels. Please inquire. Will be for sale mid summer when training is complete. $10,000

  32. I have a Sport pony for sale (or lease to right rider) schooling PSG. He has three clean elastic gaits that he feels more like a horse. Quiet enough for beginners to advance on but schooled high enough for the AA to enjoy. No Vices and great ground manners. He is 14.1 and a solid little man. Currently located in Wellington, FL. Asking 35,000.

    Video is a few months old, but will update with new one soon!

  33. Lovely 2007, 14.1 hand Haflinger gelding. Confirmed 2nd level with scores in the mid 60s, ready to show 3rd level. Schooling 4th level. Great Jr/Yr or AA. Would be a good candidate for the FEI pony classes. Very reliable pony, not spooky and very bombproof. Great at shows and at home, inside or outside. He also enjoys jumping! Great for the farrier, trailering, bathing, trail rides and goes bareback as well. Priced at $15,000, negotiable to a great home. Very motivated seller, must sell. Located in Omaha, Nebraska until end of the month.

    • Jane Mishkind

      Is lovely still available? If so, can you please send pictures and video?

    • Hi, my name is Jill and I am interested in your Haflinger that is for sale. Could you call or email me when you get a chance? Thank you!

      • What is your email?? Sorry, I don’t check posts as often as I’d like. I can shoot you one ASAP though!

        Katie Strack KS Dressage, LLC (320)290-5535


  34. Fern Feldman

    Angie–I responded to your email directly. Yes, my Welsh/Holsteiner is still for sale. His name is Rialto (Rio), and he’s in CT. Let me know that you’re recd them.

  35. Yes I do, what is an email I can send them to?

  36. Wendy Jensen-Fritz, 612-805-1717

    Exquisitely talented pony for sale in Minnesota. She is a 14+ hand, 12 year old, Welsh/Holsteiner, Chesnut mare. She has successfully shown in 3rd and 4th level last season. This season she is going to show in 4th level and Prix St.George. We have had her for 5 1/2 years. I bought her for my 7 year old now she is (unfortunately) coming on 13 and is outgrowing our beloved, Rohanna. Rohanna means “Star” and she certainly has proven to be one. Would be a wonderful pony for a serious Dressage rider who likes to win Blue Ribbons!!! $50,000.

  37. do you have any pics or video?

  38. Katie Strack

    I emailed you a few clips, working on getting a better video on YouTube too. He hasn’t shown 3rd level yet. Show isn’t until the end of this month.

  39. Katie Strack

    Yes he is. I just got some schooling video this morning also.

  40. Wonderful 7 year old, 14.2 hh Haflinger gelding for sale. Sucssesfully shown 2nd level with scores in the mid 60s and training all 3rd level, will show in May 3rd level. Excellent kids pony, very safe and sane and easy. Great for farrier, trailering, bathing, ect. Always 7s on gaits, very willing to learn new things and very uncomplicated to ride. Priced at $15,000 but very motivated seller, with definite negotiation possible to a great home. Located in Omaha, Nebraska and in professional training until sold.

  41. Gayfields Go for the Gusto is a seven year old, 12.2 hand, registered Welsh Pony gelding. He has competed in Introductory level Dressage with consistent scores in the high 60’s and 70’s. Ready to go Training level. Currently jumping 2′. Perfect child’s pony. $10,000. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Va-Jg4H–f4&feature=youtu.be

  42. 13.0 1/2 h, 12 yr old, beautiful bay German Riding pony. Has shown Training Level and First Level. In first-ever First Level Test, scored over 70%. Very comfortable, does lead changes. Also has hunter paced and likes to trail ride. Easy keeper, barefoot, gets along with everyone. Not for a beginner, good for a kid/small adult that is cantering. Asking 5,000, located Brewster NY.

  43. Beautiful 14.1+ German Riding Pony mare for sale in Ocala, Fl. Laurel is showing TL and schooling 1st and is in pro training with GP rider. She also has experience over fences. She is sweet and talented. Has also produced a stunning premium foal by FS Don’t Worry. $15,000

  44. I have a drop dead gorgeous 14.2 bay gelding for sale. 2008 half welsh. Lovely movement, nice flying lead changes, jumps the moon. Has trained through schooling level but not shown yet. No vices, no old scars or injuries. All the bling with a huge blaze and 4 tall stockings. No spook or buck. Motivated seller located in St Louis. Asking $3500

  45. Super cute, tough, powerful little 15 year old 13.3H mare that will take a strong confident beginner/intermediate REALLY far. Tons of potential to excel in any discipline. Jumps 2″ and trained up to level 2 dressage although I only competed with her up to level 1. She always ribbons and has an average score of 70 or above. I schooled a novice CC course with her and she did amazing and had an absolute blast! Although she as a natural niche in the dressage arena (I always get compliments on her presence, attitude to work, and ability to go so much further than Ive taken her). She loads, clips, ties, doesn’t crib, and she’s UTD on everything. Really easy keeper. Registered AHR haffy. Contact me for more pictures a trial or any other information you’d like to know that I may have left out. El Paso Texas, asking price 8,000.

    • hello, is your mare still available? if so….what would you say her temperament is? how is she riding with just a halter and bareback? does she have any trail riding experience?
      thank you,

      • Hannah Plesant

        Yes she is still available but she might be sold soon. She’s very calm alert and sweet not mare-ish but she does get spooky at bags tarps things along that line only when they’re caught in the wind, yes she does! loves to go on trail rides she’s quite the little adventurer, I take her a lot during the summer in a river near by. I ride her in just a halter bareback almost everyday for cool down after workouts and she does great. Email me for any more info. hmp2203@gmail.com

  46. Abbey MacLellan

    Talented FEI pony for sale! Encore has competed in Wellington and across Eastern Canada. He has won multiple championships. He always keeps his rider in the ribbons. He has incredible movement and is very charismatic in the show ring! Encore has excellent manners, a sweet personality and is very kid or AA safe! Asking $20,000. Check out this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyjN8VwrheU

  47. Gorgeous 7 year old, 14.1 Haflinger gelding for sale. Staccato is a confirmed 2nd level pony and schooling all 3rd level, including flying changes. Very fast learner and loves learning new things. Very easy and uncomplicated to ride. Not spooky or naughty. Would be a great pony for a Jr/Yr or a small AA. Very fun and loving. Clips, bathes, trailers, stands good for farrier, ect. Easy keeper. Has shoes on and that’s it. Well manored horse. Located in Omaha, Nebraska and priced at 20,000, negotiable to a great home.

  48. Auryn is a coming 5 yo, 14.2 hand, palomino, Welsh x WB pony. He is sired by the incredible Wedderlie’s Mardi Gras. This stunning boy is very safe and sane, but talented and FUN to ride! He is a pleasure to have in the barn and loves everyone. He has done some trail riding and jumping as well, but shows a lot of promise for the dressage arena. He has beautiful gaits and is uncomplicated. If you are looking for a beautiful, athletic and safe pony to bring up the levels, this boy is for you! Auryn is suitable for a YR or an AA.

  49. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this blog.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance.
    I must say you have done a great job with this. Also, the blog loads super
    fast for me on Internet explorer. Superb Blog!

  50. Darby resides in Lincoln, Ne. I have lowered the price to $6000. You can watch his last performance in October. He received a 66.5%. He is in great shape and ready for his next rider. He is a fancy and special pony.


  51. Rambling Rose – 9 year old 14.2h ISR pony mare with permanent pony card. She earned the highest score for rideability at her mare performance test. Rose has competed Novice eventing and is schooling 1st/2nd Level dressage. She has three good gaits and is extremely athletic – has been free-jumped to 4’! She is well behaved around the barn and on the trails and is a wonderful foxhunting mount. She is safe and sensible, but forward. Needs a confident partner. She would be an ideal mount for a pony clubber or petite adult looking for the perfect all-around horse! Located in MD. Asking $15,000 obo. Motivated seller.

  52. I have an 18 yr old 13.2 POA mare, which I would like to place in a forever home. She has competed through first level in the 60’s and 70’s. She was USDF pony cup reserve champion training level. She has also brought her owner through C rating in Pony Club. She has outstanding ground manners. I would rather not sell her, but place her in a home where she would be used again, as my daughter is off to college and only rides her for fun in the summer months. I have video and pictures upon request!

  53. I have an AMAZING 13.2hand Liver Chestnut Medium Welsh Pony for sale or Full Lease. Super mellow great mind with beginner kids. Riding first level with an 11 yr old. Has Half passes in the trot working on the canter, Shoulder/Haunches in, Flying changes, great over jumps, has championships in A circuit hunter divisions. looking for a super safe pony for your kid to have fun with at the show or on the trail. he is great. I have a ton of video and pictures. Must sell ASAP kid has outgrown and must sell him first before getting a new horse. asking $20,000 will accept offers.
    call me for info on this cute guy.

  54. I am offering for sale our pony Mikey, a 2003 13.1 hd reg. welsh pony. Mikey has been shown in dressage with my chilrden in intro and training level very successfully. He is now schooling 1st level with my daughter who is sadly out growing him. He has done a lot of hunter shows, pony club rallies and some combined training. He trail rides, is great for vet or farrier and can be loaded by a child. We are asking $4,500. http://youtu.be/-KwNJhXpvzU

  55. I am selling a wonderful Connemara pony schoolmaster! Pony just competed in October at 2nd level. 14.2 hands, bay, 18 years old. Rider has outgrown him. He has many more years ahead of him. He also likes to jump. Loves to go to shows and trail ride. Perfectly safe. $8,000

    • I have a 2010 Registered, purebred, Lusitano gelding who is just under 14.2 hands. We call him a “Lusipony”. Gervasio is smart, sane, talented and super sweet. He is as uncomplicated and is very safe! He is already suitable for an AA, or a YR who has some experience with young horses, or who has help from a trainer. G is a gray, but is currently still black. He has 3 lovely gaits, is very comfortable to ride and gives his rider a great feel. He is already schooling some counter-canter and when we play around with the changes he nails them! He has definite FEI potential and should even be ready for the FEI 4 yo test this summer (2014). He is located in VT. I just dropped his price to $12,500 until my husband and I close on our house. Email for pics and video: jess@northshirefarm.com

    • Tish – I’m interested in your Connemara. Is he still for sale? Do you have any pics or video? Where are you located? I have two people looking and he could be great for either.

      Thank you!

      • Yes, Jo, Darby is for sale. He is located in Lincoln, NE. Here is a video of him. Give me a call if you have any questions. 402-432-3658 Tish

    • Would be interested in seeing a video of your pony and location would be great. Thank You

    • Hi are you interested in a paid short term lease in the Washington state area ?

      • Unfortunately I do not want to consider a lease but thanks for asking. Darby is currently for sale for $4000.

    • hello, is your pony still available?
      thank you, allison

  56. Looking for 13.2 – 14.2 FEI dressage pony foe loan, lease or sale in UK or maybe Europe, good budget. please contact me at lilyvenables@yahoo.co.uk if you know of or have anything suitable.

  57. Location: Sweden
    Price: 90.000 swedish crowns
    Size: 144 cm

  58. Please provide location, price guide and size of this pony please



  59. I have a FEI pony that is named Tango for sale. He is a lovely dressage pony with great charisma. A new forest that is seen in the crowd, and who are always there for you and do their best. Gives a nice feeling and is uncomplicated to work with.

    A pony that gives you the opportunity to be in the top. Nice in the mouth and has three good gaits that just gets better and better, plus gallop.

    Trained and competed national FEI and has won up to FEI. Tango was also part of Bollebygds elite team in 2012 and was even featured this year in the elite team (2013), where we took the bronze!
    Latest results: over 71% at La: P1 in the top division (gave a second location). Merit list is long so email and ask if interested.

    Tango is also a real darling who love being in the center – he is the team’s king and likes attention.

    A safe pony for those who want to learn more and a good pony to develop with!

  60. I have a 14 hand 7 yr old welsh x mare. Lovely mover, has been shown Training Level and 1st level by juniors and adult amateurs. She has a wonderful hind end and loads of talent. Is barefoot and very easy to care for and be around. Lovely little mare. Located in Colorado. Contact elaine@elainemariondressage.net if you want pics, more info etc…

  61. Looking for a dressage pony/small horse for sale in California. 14-15’3 hands. Between ages 4-12. Must have a solid temperament with no soundness issues. Im a veterinary student with a limited budget so it must be priced under 10K.
    Can assure a great home :)

  62. Nickerson
    3/11/2000 Haflinger gelding $6500
    He is ranked 5th in the USA, classified Silver in Haflingers. He has been shown at Halter to Champion status many times. He is trained to drive, but has not been driven in several years. He is trained through 2nd level dressage and training 3rd level. he has been out of full training for several years and has been pleasure ridden only. It wont take much to get him going in the show ring again. He is a really nice horse, has been ridden by kids His sire was on loan to the USA from Austria for 2 years. His dam was the highest selling Haflinger to ever sell at auction in the USA. . He is a beautiful horse. He is a great horse with no bad habits.

    • Is he still for sale? Where are you located and how much are you asking for him?

      • sorry… I missed the price. I see that… How tall is he and where are you located. Has he done any jumping… specifically cross country.. in his off time? Would love to see photo and video.

  63. Very nice dressage prospect!!! I have a 6 yr old very flashy 14h strawberry roan appy cross mare. She is a very nice mover. Sound and sane, currently used in lesson program and ridden by 10yr old. Asking $3000 very negotiable. I need to downsize. Located in Putnam Valley NY. Pics available Call Samantha 914-330-2103

  64. We are selling our family pony:
    Archie is a 13.3 hand, 15 yr. old Welsh/Quarter horse cross located in Groton, MA. He has been shown extensively in the walk/trot division at hunt seat shows, and has consistently placed in the Champion/Reserve champion awards. Archie has been transitioning over to dressage, and has progressed to 1st level in only 3 months. He is a natural at dressage, as he moves more like a horse than a pony. Archie jumps, and would make a great Pony Club/event pony. He is up to date on shots, and has good stable manners. Archie is extremely cute! For more info, please contact Becky Solomon at 339-227-7923. Asking $6000.
    His video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGokhopLGHo

  65. Hi,

    I have a stocky 14.2 hand, 7 year old mare for sale. She is working well training level and started level 1 movements. She is a sweet easy keeper, wants to please and has smooth riding gaits. She is priced under $5000 for someone looking for a forever horse.
    Call Corine at 207-457-2268. We are located just over the NH state line.

  66. 2009 Registered Irish Sport Horse(in Large Pony size 14h)sired by 16.3h RID out of 13.2h Welsh-TB. Dressage basics are there. She is willing,just trys to please.Catty ,athletic,light,forward.But never stupid. Reduced price short time before winter was 15k currently $7500. Very pixie like in looks blood bay.Bloodlines are rare,sire did not leave any collected semen. Northern Virginia ,no video ,this price warrants seeing in person. No shoes,no special needs. Full pasture 24-7 she is a one of a kind mare. Please serious only posting is 10/8/2013 This reduced offer is very short time. My horses are not for sale during the winter. Dressage/event prospect.She has dressage foundation now.

  67. Abbey MacLellan

    Talented FEI Pony for sale, if interested, check out the link below. http://www.dressagedaily.com/market/horse-market/encore-0

  68. Fleurie is a 15.1hh ISR Sportpony by Forrest Flame out of the Grand Prix Trak mare Zauberelle. This beautiful mare is bred for dressage and is back in full time training with a gold medalist trainer. Fleurie has big gaits and a wonderful temperament. She has had two premium foals for Weser-Ems and will also be a great addition to a breeding program. Located in Florida. $15,000 until has show experience. Ready to show training level and will quickly move up the levels.

  69. I have a lovely 14.1, 6 year old gelding for sale. He’s shown successfully at 2nd level and is schooling 3rd. He would make a great Junior or Young rider pony. He’s very kid safe, very laid back. He also jumps and trail rides. He’s perfect for the farrier, bathes, clips, ect. Very easy keeper. Very adorable and a flashy mover. Consistent 7s on gaits. Easy to ride and a very fast learner. No doubt will make a great FEI pony one day with correct training and time. Motivated seller, priced at 17,500. Located in Omaha, Nebraska. Saddle is also included in sale. Videos can be seen on YouTube under Staccato de Gerval. One video is schooling in snaffle and one in double. Don’t pass up this once in a lifetime pony! Contact Katie for more information at katieastrack@hotmail.com or (320)290-5535.

  70. Line (Lyn) Maisonneuve

    I have a sweet and beautiful 14h2 American Sport Pony (by California Custom) for sale. Mai Tai is perfect for a junior and large enough for a small adult.
    Very flashy, versatile horse. Easy to ride, not spooky. Has been to many shows. Great attitude, loves his work. Good on trails.
    Has shown great potential in show ring at national level.
    Would make a good FEI pony prospect.
    Currently working on lateral movements. Knows his flying changes. Easy to sit. Has a very comfortable canter and a good walk.
    He also has miles in the jumping ring.
    Sound, sane and vice free.
    Up to date on shots and farrier. Clips, baths and trailers very well. Loves children, dogs and cats. Just simply adorable.
    Currently located in St-Lazare, Quebec.
    9 000$
    Please email for more information or call
    Owner: Line Maisonneuve
    514-892-8862 (after september 14th, presently in Europe)
    Coach: Chelsea Van Lierde

  71. We are in Michigan and looking for a dressage pony for our 10-year-old daughter. She is currently riding first level on a larger horse and her trainer would like to get her on a pony with the prospect of showing FEI ponies over the next few years. Our daughter is very passionate about riding and her trainer is a successful Grand Prix rider so we could provide a great home for a pony. Please contact us at shojnacki@sbcglobal.net if you know of any prospects within driving distance (a day’s drive) of Michigan. Thanks!

  72. Due to downsizing we have a variety of Welsh sect. B ponies and 2 large ponies for sale. All with imported bloodlines and some imported from The Netherlands. Sizes range from 12.2hh – 14.2hh, we have geldings, mares and stallions. All are handled daily, a couple backed, most of them are young prospects with good movement and nice characters.
    Ponies must go before winter! They are located near London, Ontario, Canada
    For more information you can email me at mussennistdressage@gmail.com

  73. Anyone looking for a very good FEI pony? Needs an experienced rider under 14 with an experienced trainer. Contact me by email. graydressage@optonline.net

  74. Audrey Maschue @ Xanadu Dressage has a few very special ponies for sale!
    1> 12yo 14.2h Sport Pony gelding. Has done hunters, split first level, knows some second, started changes. Very reliable, sensitive and very sane. Loves to hack, nearly bombproof. A very solid citizen, with lovely trot and nice canter and walk. $15k price neg to great home.
    2> 12yo 14.2h Sport Pony Mare. Solid 2nd level, started changes. Shown first level with scores into the high 60’s at First Level with AA. Not spooky, loves to hack! Not for a beginner, but prefect for someone to move up the levels and get their bronze! Priced to sell quickly! $6.5k (priced below value, as too many ponies!!!)
    3> 3yo 14.0h Imported GRP gelding. Palomino! 3 lovely gaits, ready to show training level now. Quiet and takes new things in stride! Hacks out quietly! Will make a fantastic FEI pony! $30k
    4> 3yo 14.0h Imported GRP gelding. 3 outstanding gaits! Very comfortable, straightforward, and fun! Tremendous potential for FEI work! Very special pony! $30k
    5> 3yo 14.1/2h RPSI Gelding. 3 fantastic gaits. Lightly started, ready to go into serious training! Level headed, very comfortable and shows lots of talent for the FEI ring! Another very special pony. To show home only. $15k Price neg to awesome home. Only selling due to lack of space.
    6> 14yo14.1h Imported GRP gelding. Schooling PSG, potential for GP! Fancy, fancy! Will be very competitive in the FEI pony classes as well as open! Not for a beginner but offer a tremendous opportunity for rider with good basics. $30k price neg to an awesome home!
    I have videos on these ponies, some have current clean X-rays. All are healthy and sound! All have excellent ground manners.

    • Interested in your 14 year old GRP gelding schooling PSG. I am an older adult, 4-11, 95 lbs, not a beginner but wanting very safe, no pony tricks please, and sound.

      • Fran, If you have not found a pony yet I have a VERY Fancy 14.2 warmblood pony for lease or sale?? Amazing mover,very easy to live with awesome to ride. barefoot never any lameness issues full brother to the top pony stallion in the country Empires Power.no pony tricks! One of my clients owns him she just had her second hip replacement. Please call Anne Hull 609-234-2239 if interested. pony located in florida 45 minutes from Wellington

      • Fran…If you are still in the pony market I think I have one that might suit you well!

    • Please send me info, I am interested in a few of your ponies. thank you!

    • If the #1 12 yo 14.2 gelding is still available, I would like to see photos and video…

    Morgan/Aqha gelding 13yrs old, 14.1. Hastings PA. Solid first level trot work. Schooling shoulder in, half pass, and counter canter. Lots of video! YouTube Zephyr632 search Boazz/Black Stone Cherry. Asking $5,000, not suitable for beginners. For pics and info call/text 814-341-8436

    • Very handsome, beautiful headed 5yr Buckskin with 4 perfect white legs 14.2 Reg 1/2 Welsh gelding out of Providence of the Night. Louis is a kind, personable pony with outstanding ground manners with a solid foundation. He is easy to handle, hauls, clips, stands, ties, baths ect. He was broke out on the trail alone and in groups offering him lots of hauling and exposure in the high desert for the first year of training. Louis was also broke to carriage at that time, with 1/2 dozen drives under his belt. Since then he has been in pro training for a over a year now with Erin Kellerhouse for 3 day eventing at Galway Downs. Louis excels in the dressage phase, very easy and quiet to show. Currently starting to school 2nd level. He has conpetted in 4 BN 3 day events (open and senior rider), never placing lower than 4th place and always finishing on his DR score! He is always the same horse at home or away. He is quiet and simple enough for a young rider with a trainer. Photos & video available, email for link $10,000 located in Southern Ca. Amy: amyegentile@gmail.com

  76. Shelley Jansen

    This is in response to suzanne freund
    Where are you located? Could you give me more information?
    Thank you, Shelley

    • 13 year old welsh/morgan gelding 13.2 1/2 solid bay. shown training level past show season consistent scores in high 60’s low 70’s. also prix caprilli lovely jumper. ready to move up looking for new rider sadly outgrown located in Indiana email for pics and video link asking 5000 negotiable to perfect home situation jfovtirel@yahoo.com

  77. 7 yr, 14.2 varnish roan POA mare for sale. Fancy floating gaits. Going training level, last outing scored 65.6% w/ 12 yr old D2 Pony Clubber, rider’s second dressage test ever. Started on leg yield & adjusting stride length. Solid over courses at 2’6″, cleared 3’3″ gymnastic with power to spare. Quiet mind, not spooky, great on trails. Loads, hauls, ties, good for the farrier, has never worn shoes. Pepper is a forward-going pony, so needs a confident rider.

    Photo at Pepper’s first horse trial, second time in a dressage arena. Rider is 5’7″. http://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/q87/375582_661301750563652_1353644090_n.jpg

    Located in Florida, between Ocala and Orlando. Priced @ $5500, will increase as she builds a show record. Would love for the right rider to grab her now and build that show record with her yourself.

    Email PinkFlamingoFarm “at” gmail.com or see our Facebook page.

    • Shelley Jansen

      Very petite, 95lb, 55 yr old, seeking a 13.3-14.2 gelding dressage mount. Good temperament a must. W/T/C and Dressage experience. Pursuing showing in Dressage as well as Trail riding for pleasure. I am training under a Dressage Silver medalist, as well as a Natural horsemanship instructor. Reside in Ft Collins, CO.

      Please let me know of any ponies that would suit my needs.
      So glad to have found this site!
      Thank you

      • Sara Vanecek

        We have a lovely, talented 13.hh, 10 yr. old Welsh Pony chestnut mare. we’d love to send you any pictures and information if you are interested. Please email us at centerlineequine@aol.com

      • suzanne freund

        I have a beautiful well mannered pony 13.3, ridden by my 65 yr. old mother-in-law, trail rides and has the best extension I’ve ever seen, great scores in the dressage ring. He’s a regal looking pony!

      • Amy Gentile

        I have a lovely 5yr 14.2 Reg Welsh/ paint buckskin gelding with 4 white stocks for sale. Profesional dressage/eventing traing for the last year. Located in southern Ca. $10,000. Videos available UTD no vices excellent manners! Trail rides too and broke to carriage (6 drives).

  78. If you are still looking I know of 2 in New Jersey. Email me and I will put you in contact with them. wanglerstables@att.net

  79. Check our clinic page for an exciting pony clinic being organized for July 24/25, 2013

  80. Anybody sell dressage ponies on consignment? Looking for a place for my client to sell her pony. I don’t do sales. Fancy palomino, will go FEI, beautiful gaits, s hooling 2nd level has hunter changes jumps 12.2 h broad bodied. Julie. Jnlent99@aol.com

  81. My Pony Dori is a solid welsh type mare. She has shown training level dressage and usually ribbons top 3 in jr classes. Currently schooling first level. This pony has her own motor, great for people who don’t like to have to squeeze for every step and is sane to ride. My 13 year old (5’7) daughter is currently riding this pony and hacks over to her coaches facility. Motivated to sell to good show home as we have other green horses/ponies to start. Asking $5000 Canadian. Located 20 min NE of Regina. We have a few ponies for sale and know of other ones for sale in our area, can make a shopping trip worth while for anyone coming from a distance.


    This video clip is just a shot from a Pony Club lesson, nothing special, but shows what her mind is like.


  82. Laurie Danaher

    I am helping a friend to sell her pony, he is a half welsh pony of cob type (the registered part of him), half morgan gelding. Link to video:

    if the link does not work in this email, my youtube channel name is “lovescobs”

    Clay is a 7yo buckskin half welsh with 4 whites, approx 14.1+hh, very very safe and sane, very very athletic, his lateral work is very nice. He is solid under saddle, and was “well broke” when we determined that he’d make a much better dressage mount than hunter. He has two great gaits (trot and canter), one spectacular one (walk). Unflappable disposition would be well suited for a young rider as well as an adult amateur mount

    More current video will be available soon.

  83. I have a lovely 14 hand well built Connemara pony that is easy to ride in contact. She is currently doing Training level dressage. She will be participating in her first schooling show this summer. She is 7, grey, and goes barefoot. Was just currently started under saddle. Prior to that she had one foal.
    Contact me at wanglerstablrs@att.net for more info

  84. bette fredrickson

    Bette Fredrickson..ooops I need to leave some way to contact me!!!
    also she is 13’2″ at 16 months

  85. bette fredrickson

    I have an elegant registered 1/2 Connemara/hanovarian/throughbred filly for sale. 16 months,beautiful mover, in your pocket temperament, w/t on lead, learning to longe&long line, yields to pressure, loads easily, excellent for farrier and vet, UTD shots and Coggins. I’m too old to raise another baby! ( have her 5 yr old brother) bay with blaze. in NH asking $2900
    best foal I have ever raised.

  86. I have a very safe 9 year 13.2 hand dun paint pony for sale! Cappuccino has three excellent gates and a very good mind (absolutely no buck or bolt)–he is smart and learns things very easily. Two years ago I showed him at Training Level in rated and schooling shows, and he consistently scored in the high 60’s to mid 70’s (he actually received 75% in Training Level test 3 at his very first rated show). Last year I showed him in First level and scored in the high 60’s.

    He would make an excellent event pony because his gates are so nice but he loves to jump and he won’t take off with a little girl on the cross country course. He has been ridden by different beginner riders in a lesson program so he knows all about the little ones! He is being offered at $6,500, but the price is negotiable to the perfect home!

    Please feel free to call or email me (Marlena):

  87. 7 yr old welsh cross palomono Pony 12.2 h for sale. Shown 2012 at training level by first time dressage rider. Scored consistantly in mid 60s. Training lateral work will go FEI. Fancy, 3 good gaits, quiet but has shown a scoot so may not suit beginner. Priced at $15,000 nego but will get firmer with more training.

  88. We’re looking for a dressage pony 7-12 years old, with excellent gaits and manners, 3rd level or higher, for 14 year old daughter. We can provide a loving home, and a Grand Prix trainer to assure that the pony gets to reach its potential!
    Please respond with basic info, and if possible, link to video for viewing.

    • I have a lovely 9 year old, 13.3 ish solid build, bay with dapples, welsh cross. This mare turns heads everywhere we take her! My 13 year old daughter has been riding/showing her the last 2 years in both dressage and hunters, but her movement is more suited to dressage. My daughter at 5’6 with a long leg rides her comfortably, but we would like to see her move on to a horse. She has been ridden in several Dale Irwin clinics over the last few years, working on shoulder in/out, leg yielding and improving downward transitions. This pony has forward movement and is very fun ride! My daughter won High point pony club member at local youth show on this mare last year. Contact me at mtreichel@sasktel.net for pictures, video, etc.
      Priced at $5000 canadian

    • seeking easy gated, quite dressage horse firts level or higher

    • Louise, I breed GRP’s and may have one that would suit your needs. If you are still looking, drop me an email hluing@windstream.net

    • Louise, If you are still looking, drop me an email. I breed German Riding ponies and may have one to fit your daughter’s needs. Thanks

    • I know of 2 ponies that may suit. Located in NJ. Contact me if still looking and would like to get in touch. wanglerstables@att.net

    • Hi Louise!
      We have an 8 year old palomino Welsh / oldenburg by Wedderlie Mardi Gras. He is currently showing 2nd and 3rd level and is standing 3rd nationally for 2nd level JR/YR. Here is his video:

      Will work on getting the 3rd level one up- he got a 66%!
      We are located in Las Vegas.

    • Wendy Fritz, 612-805-1717

      Perfect match for you!!!! Rohanna shows 3rd & 4th level. 14 hands chestnut Welsh/Holstein pony. Most elegant dressage pony! We are so sad to even think of selling her!! Unfortunately my daughter is outgrowing her!! $50,000. Attaching latest show video from last weekend. 3rd level, test 3- 68.3%. My daughter, Sammie, is 11 but as you can see needs to move up to a horse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwj_gtjbIMM

  89. I have a really Cute Dressage/hunter type pony for sale. She is 14.1hh welch cross and is super adorable! Has an amazing jump and is started in lead changes. is easy to put together and could be shown in the dressage ring and score very well! email me for info: Shrimp84@aol.com

  90. I have a super dressage pony, very affordable and super safe. Watermark is 11 years old and showing First Level, she is schooling most of the Second Level movements but not quite ready to show at Second yet. She is great on trails, to trailer and fabulous at shows. Has that been there done that attitude. Works off the trailer, 15 mins warm up and right down to business in the ring. Would be a great school master for a child or timid adult rider. She has a knock out medium trot which you don’t expect from a pony. She has been in full time training since coming back into work 18 months ago after having two Premium foals with the ISR/Oldenburg. We will continue with her training and showing but really she needs to be with her own person.

    Let me know if you have any interest and would like to learn more.
    Email: trevelyan@aol.com for video and more info

  91. Annabelle: 14 hand welsh cross mare, showing second level schooling third. Also has tons of miles in the hunter ring in everything from walk/trot to children’s pony. Excellent ground manners, lovely gaits. email for videos.

  92. Hi Laura,
    Are the ponnies still for sale? If so can you put up pictures of them. Thanks😁

  93. Also does some jumping.

  94. I am looking for a pony great with kids, suited for dressage and trails. Also the color that I’m looking for is a paint, appolusa, or dappled.

  95. Hi Sandy, I have a pony quite suitable for this, but she is a bit bigger — here is more info https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.459061404130560.97069.116464098390294&type=3. email me at ange@straightforwarddressage.com if you need more info. Dressage video is here http://straightforwarddressage.com/sales/forsale_2.html , jumping video from last week will be up tomorrow.

  96. I have 2 wonderful, talented Dressage ponies for sale. Diamond 5 year old 14 hand welsh x mare. I cannot say enough about her, she has the gaits, disposition and talent to go a long way. Training Level, not yet shown, will show Training and 1st Level 2013. $7500 Jazzzz 7 yr old 14.2 hand gelding. Numerous Rocky Mountain Dressage Society year end awards, high percentage score, and RMDS championship placings with adult amateur. Shown through 1st level, ready to show 2nd level and schooling 3rd level. $12,500 Check them out at http://www.elainemariondressage.net Prices negotiable to right home, both are loved companions!

  97. Looking for a pony preferably between 12 -13.1 hands for a 9yr old to do some low level eventing and also needs to jump so she can also do short stirrup hunters as well. Located in NY.

    • If you haven’t found a pony yet, please check out my 13’1 pony on youtube under:
      Cappuccino dun paint pony

      There are several videos of him including some taken just this past weekend @ the Lendon Gray EDAP clinic.


  98. For sale: FLASHY 10 year old 14.0 hand German Riding Pony Palomino Looking for petite adult or experienced child only. Located in New York. Not for a little kids. Schooling Second Level Movements. Shown Training Level and was Reserve Champion in East Coast Riders Pony Cup 2011. Please email, serious inquiries only!

    • Alexandra, Please share more information about your GRP. As an aged adult, disposition tops my list. I need a reliable partner. Thanks for getting back to me.

  99. Hi Adrienne, If you are still looking I have a Welsh.

  100. FOR SALE: 2002 14.2 Welsh Palomino white socks, blaze, Mare. Beautiful, Talented and ready to show at training or first. Looks and moves like a horse. In professional training for 1 yr. Used for child lessons best suited for a rider with experience. Located in New York. please call for details and picture 203 536 8558

  101. Julia Hainsworth

    Elizabeth, my daughter was offered the opportunity to ride a really great little dressage pony at the D4K pony clinic with Lendon Gray. Her name is Sassy she is a 9 yr old ISR pony owned by summit sporthorses in NJ. Superb talent and could be a top FEI pony with some time she was ridden at the clinic by my 9 yr old solid training level working on first level comes with a breeeding to the West. Stallion Popeye. I have lots of photos from this weekends clinic and some video if interested or you can ask Lendon about her as well!

    • Julia Hainsworth

      See Glennleafarm.com she is priced at $12000 neg. to Jr rider or email me for photos at hainsworthny12@aol.com
      My daughter is an eventer at heart and has her own horse but for someone looking for quality this is a great one! And was taken 8 hours away and ridden by a 9 yr old that speaks volumes!

  102. For Sale: 2009 14.1 hand Dutch/Selle Francais Mare. SUPER quiet. Ready to show training level. Wonderful gaits. Will trail ride alone or in company. Great for intermediate child working with a trainer. Located in the Midwest. $6500

  103. Looking for a large pony for dressage for 11 year old currently riding recognized shows at training level. Must be sane and sensible with miles. Probably at least 8 years old more the better. Gelding preferred would definitely consider older pony that needs maintenance. Knowledgable pony club home have kind experienced trainer. Pony must be able to be handled by a child in all ways..Thanks! Kim

  104. What is the name of the website they are on?

  105. Videos available on the ready to show and teh well started under saddle LARGE ponies.

    We also have foals by ASPEN WAY GALA NIGHT the Australian superstar , Fancy is a black and beautiful filly. BERLIN is by Halifax, grey colt, excellent movement. Both inspected and branded RSPI gold and silver premium.

  106. Sabino chestnut gelding welsh section B cross he is adorable and 5 years old, 14.1hh ridden by children has shown in hunters but is a beautiful uphill moving dressage type. $18000. Cdn, he is ready to win on the show ring. Near Calgary Alberta. He could go to PSG.

  107. Looking for a talented large GRP gelding. Must be safe, sweet, sound and tolerant of older AA. Great work ethic and show experience also required.
    Contact info: kellykavanau@aol.com

  108. Do you have a video? What is the price?

  109. Price reduced on a great second/third level schoolmaster! Owner very motivated to sell asap! http://www.dressagedaily.com/market/horse-market/dylan-price-reduced-owner-motivated

    Also visit: http://claraetzeldressage.com for more horses for sale

  110. Please call 6063050493 or email ponydotcom888@gmail.com 2very nice Welsh con geldings ready to start in dressage training

  111. I have several Welsh cons for sale one palomino and one bay full brothers

  112. For Sale Buckskin Arab X pony 13.2 Doing up to T/L 3 Good for intermediate rider . 17 years young ! Mare goes and goes..Sound no vices . Stabled at Outfoxed Farm , $ 2000.00 Chester NY Contact Carol at Outfoxedfarm@aol.com

  113. HEather, I was not able to contact you via your website. Please email more about your pony. pmirons@atlatnicbb.net

  114. Jeanne; please send me more info to my email – pmirons@atlanticbb.net. Looking for price, breed, pictures and video if possible. Also would like USDF registered name.

  115. Polly, I have a 2006 USDF pony mare. She has her USDF and USEF numbers, Pony measurement card. Evented through starter novice. and placed at beginner novice.She is showing First getting ready to go Second next month and schooling Third. Uncomplicated, you can miss riding her and she goes just like she did the last time she was ridden. Likes to be fussed with, Just a fun horse. I have 4 thoroughbred and she needs to go to a home where she can move up. Definite FEI potential.

  116. Hi Polly, I have this gelding. Please email or call with questions. Best wishes, Clara

  117. Hi Polly,
    I tried to post here and my reply vanished. I have a beautiful German Riding Pony mare for sale with both dressage and huntrer training. With only 6 months of dressage training she was schooling most of 1st and some of second. She aslo is a fabulous jumper and loves to hack out. Reasonably priced straight from the breeder. http://www.germanridingpony.com. Florida

  118. Melissa Mulchahey

    I have a 14.1 hand GRP for sale at W Farms in Los Angeles. He is showing 4th level. Contact them at http://www.wfarms.net

  119. looking for a 14.1 – 14.2 dressage pony that is shown or schooled 2nd – 4th. Potential to do pony FEI. It is a plus if the pony likes to jump. For my 12 year old daughter and hope to pass it on to my son. Thanks. Polly

  120. For sale!!!
    Cappuccino: Talented and versatile 13.1 hand dun-paint pony. $10,000.
    Ø Shown through First Level, champion at Training Level.
    Ø First Level scores consistently in the 60’s, Training Level scores in the high 60’s and mid-70’s (multiple high point champion at schooling & rated shows)
    Ø Jumps 2’3” courses with ease
    Ø Excellent Eventing/Pony Club prospect
    Ø Easy keeper, no vices (but he is a pony!)
    Ø $7,500 (negotiable to excellent home)
    Ø Watch “Cappuccino Dun Paint Pony” on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P87pDUrx74c

    Contact: Marlena 210-643-8656

  121. For Sale: A wonderful competitor and best friend!! Jazzzz is a 7 year old 14.1 hand black sport pony. Successful his first show season at Training Level! He was Rocky Mtn Dressage Society Training Level Champion, Ranked 4th place year end RMDS Adult Amateur (Median score was 67%) and had numerous scores above 70% and high percentage ribbons! Jazzzz is showing 1st level adult amateur with scores in the high 60’s! He is schoooling second level movements with ease! This pony has upper level potential and the judges LOVE him…always 7 or above on gaits and comments like “talented horse” are always on tests! Jazzzz loves to jump and trail ride as well! See more at http://www.elainemariondressage.net! Don’t miss out on this amazing pony!

  122. The post below was in responce to your post.

  123. I have a wonderful 15.1hh mare that will be available in a couple of months by Forrest Flame (FEI NF pony) out of a Grand Prix Trak mare. She is training level but should make rapid progress because of her excellent brain and great gaits. This is a really special mare.

  124. Hi Renee,

    I have two geldings for sale. Here are their links below. Both geldings are at the same facility located a few minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Please email claraetzeldressage@yahoo.com with questions. I am 5’3″ and am shown in all the photos/videos to give you an idea of both of their sizes : )



  125. Hi,
    I have a lovely and well trained Connemara for sale. You can see pictures of her on http://www.connemaradressage.com. She is Wildwych Ophelia. If she interests you give me a call! Heidi

  126. I am looking for a Pony! I am a short adult with short legs! I owned a 17’1 hand Appendix for the past 7 years but have decided it is time to move onto something more my size. I am looking to do combined training or higher level dressage. I am located in Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia. If anyone knows of anything – please let me know!

  127. I forgot to mention that she is priced under $10,000.

  128. Rambling Rose is located in West Virginia!

  129. Lavender wanting treats in tack room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szJrUjNptGw

  130. lavender wanting treats http://youtu.be/5iyBnpdZ8Aw

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